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How To Flip Properties

Wednesday Nov 3rd, 8pm EST

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  On this live webinar, Tracey will reveal exactly how she does it:

Secret 1

Find It! 
Hint:  95% of potential investors get this horrendously wrong but I'll show you how to laser in on properties that are perfectly positioned for a profitable flip (getting you into profit 3-5X faster).

Secret 2

Fix It! 
Hint:  Most investors lose all their profits by fixing the WRONG things. You'll discover the only 3 things you should ever fix that skyrocket sales value while costing just pennies in comparison (saving you time and money).

Secret 3

Flip it!
Hint:  Discover the secrets to flipping your properties FASTER and EASIER than your competition so that you're never left sitting on properties that devour your profits.

About Tracey Fines

Tracey Fines is a 25 year veteran of real estate investing. She is an award winning author, an award winning interior designer, and international speaker. She has and will be sharing stages with Kevin Hart, Grant Cardone, The Original Shark from Shark Tank, Kevin Harrington, Jack Canfield, and Les Brown. 

She builds, flips and develops land and adds massive value to properties while earning millions in the process. Now she wants to help YOU do the same!

Now, Tracey  has combined her passion for design and beauty with her love of helping others and has created this "Flipping Great Life" Training system!!!

Attend the Flipping Great Life Information session!!

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